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Changing Jobs in a Changing Economy: Where Do I Go from Here?

The current economic situation in the US and Rochester is uniquely challenging for anyone engaged in a job search. Many workers find themselves laid off from companies where they’ve worked for double-digit years and still others find themselves in positions that are becoming obsolete due to shifts in technology and a number of other business factors. Career transition expert and four-time author Arnie Boldt will offer job seekers a “no-nonsense” approach to recognizing their strengths and weaknesses; identifying likes and dislikes; and discovering hidden talents that are potential job skills applicable in a new career.  Participants will also be given information on job search resources that can be found locally, including libraries, government agencies, and job placement agencies.

No-Nonsense Approach to Developing a Winning Resume

The most effective resumes are more than a listing of work history, they are documents designed to sell job seekers into their next position. Professional resume writers use a very methodical approach to developing resumes that open doors to new opportunities for their clients. Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and published author, Arnie Boldt, shares some of the same techniques he uses on a daily basis to build winning resumes that lead to job interviews for his private clients. This program will be valuable to any job seeker at any career level, and will provide advice about what should (and should not) be included on a resume and how to structure a resume to emphasize a candidate’s strengths.

Thriving in the Midst of Career Transition:
Strategies for Coping with Uncertainty

  A facilitated group discussion with a Certified Social Worker who has
  extensive experience counseling individuals experiencing traumatic events,
  including job losses.  Discussion topics will be driven by the issues and
  concerns expressed by the participants, and may include (but are not
  limited to):
  • Looking to the future and focusing on possibilities, rather than dwelling on anger and resentment.
  • Capitalizing on available resources, including support groups and professional assistance.
  • Viewing change as an opportunity to start a new career. 
  • Identifying ways to transfer skills from your current position to a new job.
  • Taking care of yourself - eating healthy, exercising, and taking time for activities you enjoy. 
  • Surrounding yourself with supportive people who value you for who you are, not what you do in your work life.
  • Expressing your feelings with people closest to you.
  • Handing off your work assignments cleanly and going out in style.

TTTGThe Power of Networking:  Marketing Yourself
to a New Employer

  This “outside the box” seminar can be presented as a three-hour
  overview, or a more in-depth day-long session, and will jump start
  your career search by teaching participants how to:
  • Employ a strategic networking model to develop internal champions that will help job-seekers learn what challenges a target company faces and identify all hiring influencers.
  • Establish career development vision, strategy, and process to determine if there is a “business fit” within a target company.
  • Present participants’ unique business value(s) in a “Business Fit Presentation” designed to separate you from the competition, allowing you to sell yourself from the top down.

  The key to this new paradigm in career development is the premise
  that senior management is more likely to hire you because of what
  you know about their business issues and challenges than simply
  because you have an impressive resume or extensive qualifications.
  Executives expect senior leaders to “hit the ground running” by
  fostering change and implementing solutions that increase profits,
  enhance productivity, and drive growth. Topics covered include:
  • Taking Charge of the Process
  • Finding the Business Fit
  • The Business Fit Presentation

Do-It-Yourself Power Researching & Electronic Applications
  This seminar will cover the finer points of preparing your resume
  for electronic distribution, locating opportunities on the Internet
  and effectively responding to them. The presenter will discuss
  how  to identify appropriate websites and job postings, the proper
  online etiquette in responding to postings, and how to protect your
  privacy while using the Internet as a job search tool. Local and
  online research resources will be identified.

Resume  Dos & Don'ts
  This seminar is a one-hour overview of the resume preparation
  process. Functional and chronological resumes will be discussed,
  as well as the key elements of a powerful, accomplishment-focused
  resume. Case studies of “before” and “after” examples will be
  presented and examined.

Writing Effective Job Search Letters

  Cover Letters, Recruiter Letters, Networking Letters, Continuing
  Interest Letters, Thank-You Letters, and Acceptance Letters all play
  an important role in an effective job search. Each has its own
  nuances that must be handled appropriately to achieve the desired
  result. Examples will be presented and discussed, and attendees
  will participate in exercises to create effective letters for a variety
  of hypothetical scenarios.

Special One-On-One Sessions

  Quick, targeted, practical advice that you can use right away.  
  Following are only a few of the possibilities that we will
  customize to your specific needs:

  • Networking Strategies
  • Negotiating the Job Offer
  • Electronic Job Search Strategies
  • Developing a Professional Portfolio
  • Telephone Techniques
  • Developing Success Stories
  • Perfecting Your Elevator Speech
  • Coaching for a Specific Job Interview
  • Getting Past No ~ Dealing with Rejection 

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No-Nonsense Approach to Acing Job Interviews

Job seekers invest a great deal of energy and effort in developing resumes and cover letters, but that’s only part of picture. At best, a winning resume and cover letter will land you an interview. But then it’s your job to impress the employer in the interview and “seal the deal” to get a job offer. Job & Career Transition Coach, Arnie Boldt, who literally wrote the book, “No-Nonsense Job Interviews” offers practical advice on preparing for job interviews, performing well in the interview, and conducting the post-interview follow-up necessary to achieve ultimate success. The many types of job interviews, how to answer tough interview questions, and what questions you should ask will all be discussed. Interactive role playing will also give participants a “hands-on” understanding of what to expect in a job interview.

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