Interview Preparation
A great resume will help you

Then What!?
    Your interview simulation gave 
    me the confidence I needed after
    being in the same job for 12

    The career coach was fantastic! 
    She helped me figure out the 
    best way for me to answer the
    questions to show prospective
    employers the value I bring...

    ...I got three job offers! 
    Thank you so much!

            ~ A Senior Sales  Executive
"You only get one chance to make a first impression"

Really?  Yes... and no!

Your initial first impression on the prospective employer will likely  be made with your powerful cover letter.  

Your next first impression will be made with your dynamic, accomplishment-focused resume... which will contribute to convincing the hiring decision-makers to invite you to interview for your target position. Congratulations!

The interview (either in person or via telephone) is your opportunity to make a personal first impression.  You need to be ready to talk about your accomplishments and capabilities in a way that expresses your unique value and demonstrates to the employer that you are the right person for the job.

Now, the success of your job search depends on how your performance in the interview is received by the hiring decision-makers.

We offer one-on-one consultations, interview 
simulations and workshops custom-designed 
for you / your group's unique needs, in addition 
to the book, No-Nonsense Job Interviews.

If you follow the strategies, steps and activities 
recommended in our book, or if you consult with 
one of our associates, you'll learn how to present 
the very best you in a variety of interview situations.

Job interviews have changed dramatically in recent years. The style of interviews and the questions asked are designed to probe more deeply into your personality and behavior, not just your qualifications.  It can cost an employer thousands of dollars to recruit, hire, and train a good employee. As a result, many employers have adopted a more rigorous approach to selecting and hiring employees ~ which may include a more in-depth interviewing process.

Learn about the three Ps of job interviews:

  • Preparation 
              (research, grooming, wardrobe, logistics, and more research!)
  • Presentation 
             (handshake, eye contact, bring-alongs, genuine answers to the
               toughest questions and more) 
  • Post Interview Follow-up
             (beyond the "thank you" ~ communicating to reinforce your strengths,
              confirm continuing interest, rescue an interview disaster, and more)

Gain an awareness of the broad array of interviewing techniques, and an understanding of the interviewer's true intent behind many of the questions asked.  Let us help you to prepare answers that reflect your strengths, and are optimally responsive to the employer's needs. Develop a fuller understanding of the interview process, which actually begins long before you find yourself sitting in front of an interviewer (or on the phone with one) and lasts well beyond the good-bye handshake.

Would it surprise you that in today's market, it's perfectly acceptable for you to ask questions during your job interview?  Asking carefully thought-out questions can contribute to your achieving two vital no-nonsense interview objectives:

  • Distinguishing yourself from similarly-qualified competition by demonstrating that you're prepared, genuinely interested, and savvy enough to recognize that the interview is an opportunity for two-way communication, and

  • Learning more about the prospective employer and target position to help you determine if the opportunity will be a "good fit" for you ~ that is, do the employer's values match yours; does the "culture" feel comfortable for you; are other components of the job compatible with your expectations?  

Give yourself a significant advantage over the competition ~ let us help you succeed in the job interview process, and ultimately, to land a great job that you'll find both fulfilling and enjoyable.

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