Additional Services

  Initial Consultation:

  Meet (via telephone or virtually online) with a certified career professional and
  together identify key areas where additional help may be beneficial to you:
  • Gives you an overview of the career transition process.
  • Provides you with the info you need to make sound decisions about your next steps.
  • Helps you define your next steps, based on your chosen career path (Do you have a chosen career path?)

Career Assessment:

Identify skills & interests relevant to possible new career choices:
  • Answer one or more of a variety of easy-to-complete surveys recommended by your career coach.
  • Your coach will help you interpret the results and provide recommendations on possible next steps, which may include resume development, additional coaching / counseling, or other career transition services appropriate for you.

Career Coaching / Counseling:

Develop strategies for success, however you choose to define it: whether it's advancing toward finding your next job, achieving greater career satisfaction where you are now, or something else:
  • Discover and draw upon resources within you to propel you forward.
  • Gain insights about obstacles that prevent your progress.
  • Work through internal blocks that interfere with your achieving what you most want.
  • Arrange to meet with a career coach for between four and six one-hour sessions (via telephone or online) for a more in-depth approach to
         working through issues impacting your career transition.
Interview Simulation:

Increase your comfort level in approaching job interviews with these three steps:
  • Discuss key issues with a career coach who will give you an understanding of what to expect during an initial job interview. You will also be provided with a copy of a best-selling book that will help you prepare for job interviews (specific book selected will depend upon your career field and your unique circumstances).
  • Experience a simulated job interview with a “hiring authority” that will give you the experience of a "real-life" interview situation. This is essentially a role-play situation that will be recorded for evaulation and review.
  • Follow up with your coach to review the interview session and identify areas where you may improve your technique. The coach will discuss with you some of the tough, challenging questions, and offer suggestions on how you can tailor your responses in these instances. At the end of the session, you will receive the recording.
  • Clients in the greater Rochester, New York area may enjoy the added benefit of meeting with the coach and / or interviewer in person.

Special One-On-One Sessions

Quick, targeted, practical advice that you can use right away. Following are only
a few of the possibilities that we will customize to your specific needs:

  • Networking Strategies
  • Negotiating the Job Offer
  • Electronic Job Search Strategies
  • Developing a Professional Portfolio
  • Telephone Techniques
  • Developing Success Stories
  • Perfecting Your Elevator Speech
  • Coaching for a Specific Job Interview
  • Getting Past No ~ Dealing with Rejection 

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