About Us

We established Arnold-Smith Associates in 1994, after Arnie was “downsized” and experienced first-hand the adventure that is career transition. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, personalized career transition services for individuals seeking new opportunities. We offer:

Resume Writing and Cover Letter Development
Interview Preparation
Career Transition Coaching
Job Search Strategy Consultation
Workshops and Presentations

All of our services are thoughtfully customized to meet the specific needs of the individual or group. 

We have worked with over 4,500 clients in a range of career areas including senior executives, graduating students, skilled trades people, teachers, medical professionals, middle managers, sales professionals and many more.  Both of us have a wealth of experience in more than one career field, and share a keen understanding of challenges faced by a variety of employees and job-seekers in widely disparate circumstances. We share a passionate commitment to excellence; adhere to the highest ethical standards, and exercise the utmost confidentiality and discretion. 

Arnie’s professional certifications include the following alphabet soup:
Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW); and Job and Career Transition Coach (JCTC).  We maintain current membership in the following premier organizations: 

  • Career Management Alliance (formerly Career Masters Institute)
  • Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career 
  • Career Directors International
  • National Resume Writers Association

As well as keeping us on the leading-edge of emerging trends and new developments in the careers industry, participating in each of these professional associations offers us the invaluable opportunity to network with the highest caliber practitioners from around the world. These organizations also offer ongoing continuing education. 

Arnie is the author of two books, Resumes for the Rest of Us and No-Nonsense Job Interviews; and co-author with Wendy Enelow of No-Nonsense Resumes and No-Nonsense Cover Letters, available for sale by clicking on each title. Arnie’s work has been nominated five times for the prestigious “TORI Award” (Toast of the Resume Industry), the careers industry’s answer to the “Oscar,” and samples of Arnie’s and Gail’s work have been selected for publication in well over 40 books to date.


ARNOLD G. BOLDT attended Clarkson University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Technical Communications. This rigorous curriculum trained him in the disciplines of communicating a broad range of messages to diverse audiences utilizing both print and electronic media. Prior to his current role of Arnold-Smith Associates’ Managing Partner, he held positions in sales and business development as well as earlier experiences in farming; manufacturing; shipping and receiving; and the graphic arts.

GAIL M. SMITH earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Rochester.  Her broad-based career experience interviewing, selecting and hiring job candidates across a variety of disciplines has proven invaluable in developing Arnold-Smith Associates’ interview coaching programs. She has also participated in a number of focused training sessions in the area of recruitment and interview preparation. 

Gail has held managerial positions (with hiring authority) in both private sector firms and not-for-profit organizations. Highly versatile, she has served as Executive Director of a non-profit agency; operated her own import company; and served as Operations Manager for the domestic subsidiary of a British bicycle manufacturer. An extraordinarily gifted public speaker, she has made presentations to a variety of business and community groups, conducted training sessions on a variety of topics, as well as performing “voice-over” work on radio commercials. She also has experience in the roles of executive assistant supporting CEOs (in the for-profit and non-profit arenas), as well as sales and marketing professionals.  

On the writing side, she has developed compelling cover letters and other highly customized job search correspondence with exceptional authenticity and sensitivity, to complement and introduce powerful resumes that she's written.  Gail has also  prepared promotional and informational pieces for use by entities in both the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds (sales collaterals; annual reports; brochures and flyers).  She has authored successful grant proposals, business plans, and press releases; and has free-lanced several magazine articles.  

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